how to find cached webpages 如何找到缓存页面

how to find cached webpages 如何找到缓存页面


My lecturer assigned us a continuous assignments, I found a note says ” The Phonenix – WYYB -93.7 FM was a ‘real’ radio station, and the web-site shown in the screen shots in Appendix A did exist until a few years ago. However, all other aspects of this document are fictional”.

At first I tried, only shows domain for sale and along with some ads.

Then I started wondering maybe there is an chance I can find these web pages, although this website already shut down for a long time, I believe the cache still be stored somewhere, from stackoverflow there is one method:<your url without “http://”>
but I found they only show me the latest cache which shows domain for sale also.

searching further I found this website which is better cachedview


select Cache, it will take you to :


all dates when the site being cached are highlighted on this calendar, all yours, play time!







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