# 1.2 Key Technological Facts

  • Avalanche is a high-speed smart contracts platform that supports sub-second finality and Visa-level throughput.
  • Avalanche features complete support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and thus, Ethereum tooling works out of the box. Truffle Suite, Remix, MetaMask, MEW, and all your other favorite Ethereum tools.
  • Avalanche supports application-specific-sharding, empowering developers to launch applications that conform to their own specific needs.
  • Avalanche supports not just application-level-programmability but also network-level-programmability. This enables developers to not only control the execution of their decentralized apps but also securely manage private data.
  • Avalanche fully supports non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with plans to create a registry so you can discover and explore the entire universe of NFTs on Avalanche.

# 1.3. Key Token Economics Facts

  • AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche platform.
  • AVAX is a capped-supply token. Cap is 720M AVAX tokens, and 50% of those tokens (360M) will be on mainnet.
  • AVAX serves as the base unit of account in the Avalanche network, provides the base security guarantees, pays for operations, and provides a wide suite of utility services.
  • AVAX transaction fees are burned, increasing scarcity of AVAX.




创建钱包 https://wallet.avax.network/

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