# Realization:

class => dotted/dashed line with solid/closed arrow =>interface

# Inheritance/Generalization:

sub class => solid line with solid/closed arrow => super class

# Association:

Cardinality is expressed in terms of:

  • one to one
  • one to many
  • many to many

control class => solid line => boundary class

# Dependency:

A special type of association,

An object of one class might use an object of another class in the code of a method. If the object is not stored in any field

class => dotted/dashed line with open arrow => the other class

# Aggregation

A special type of association.

It represents a "part of" relationship.

class => solid line with a unfilled diamond (is part of) => the other class

# Composition

A special type of aggregation where parts are destroyed when the whole is destroyed

class => solid line with a filled diamond (live and die with ) => the other class