troubleshooting intranet access issue raised by wrong arp

1 minute read

I got an issue access the shared folder on the other pc in the same intranet at home, actually it was working fine a few days ago. both pc are win10 os.

without firm knowlege on networking I started to google without thinking, tried all the online suggestions but no luck;

ok, it could be something wrong either on my win10 or the other one, so I turned off firewall, started all the “file and printer sharing” realted services, turned on sharing for private/public network, grant remote access to both everyone and guest with full permissions, even tried modify regedit(registry editor) to enable AllowInsecureGuestAuth, still no luck;

finally I come to think of ping, source ip:, target ip:, so ping result in:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from **: Destination host unreachable.

the ip “Reply from “ is the source machine, it indicates that it’s something wrong with the source machine, then I run ‘arp -a’, now things get a bit clear, the target ip isn’t in the arp table, I tried arp -d to reset arp, but not working, so I decided the easiest way is to restart router to clear the arp table; after restarting router, all settled!

finally thoughts: I should spare some time to learn networking. refer: